Frankenstein and Today’s Monsters

People today are imbued with technology. There is more access to information and other people now than at any point in history, by far. Computer technology has been advancing exponentially since they were invented, with even some of today’s refrigerators having the computing power of the Apollo 11 mission that put the first man on the moon in 1965. This is because of the famous Moore’s Law, that states that the number of transistors, or the tiny components that perform basic tasks, doubles every year. This exponential growth comes with consequences, however. People can hide behind their computer screens and avatars, and gain access to information stored on the internet through hacking from anywhere in the world. There have been countless cases of online extortion, where hackers get into the private information of businesses or people and hold it for ransom. For example, in England, these cases have risen from less than 1000 cases in 2004 to almost 7500 cases in 2016. People have created a technology that can be used for countless good, but comes with many nefarious uses. Frankenstein encountered a similar problem. He created a technology and a monster that he thought would be beneficial to him, but he failed to recognize the pitfalls that came with his technology. This is the problem that humans need to recognize with computers. People need to realize that with all the good that computers bring to the world, the also bring harm to many people. This is especially important as humans venture into creating AI and robots. This draws even more of a parallel between it and Frankenstein, because we are trying to create a sort of  “life”, but could robots want to do to us what Frankenstein’s monster wanted to do to his creator?