America’s Trust Problem

Americans’ trust in government is at an all time low. In 2016, a poll showed that just 9% of Americans had confidence in Congress. In government, trust has been falling for decades. Other than just after 9/11, the last time over 50% of Americans trusted the government to do what’s right was 1972. This is obviously a huge problem, but it is not just an American problem. For example, in Spain, 43% of people had confidence in government in 2000, but as of 2016 only 20% express the same confidence. This worldwide decline in confidence and trust has been attributed to globalization and technology. The biggest decline in trust happened from 1964 to 1980, when Americans who trusted the government fell from 77% to 27%. The biggest decline most likely happened during these years in part because of Nixon’s presidential scandal, but also because tv news became more widespread and accessible. With the way today’s technology works, news is so accessible the instant a story breaks, through Facebook or other news sites. Also, because news is so biased today, websites and news shows are making their viewers think that the other half of the politicians are out to get you. This obviously creates a huge mistrust in government.