On The Road Again

Willie Nelson has always had a restless soul. From his early beginnings in Abbott, he would ride his bike to West, Texas to watch old westerns at the movie theater, or walk around the town by himself when he was as young as 8. Later, in his early adult life, he never stayed in one place for more than a year. He had lived in Abbott, Fort Worth, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Eugene, Oregon, San Diego and Los Angeles, and Illinois by the time he was 30. He later bought property in Nashville and Hawaii. The road took Willie before he even began touring. He would be a radio host or find an odd job in the different places he lived before he began to be able to survive off of his singing. The restlessness of Willie has always confused me, because he has such a relaxed and chill personality that he doesn’t seem like the kind of person who travels around, he seems much more like the kind of person that would find a routine and stick to it his whole life. But alas, if he was on the road at 8, his routine must be the road.